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At first, many of you may ask, why avocado? What might a fruit possibly do with a Labs company? Does this name have some mysterious, symbolic meaning or is it just a clever and creative solution?

Its appearance is nothing special, but the excitement about avocado is, how colourful and diverse this simple, little green piece of fruit can be.

Sometimes it’s exotic, sometimes familiar, dominant or just a flavour, mixing with the taste or covering everything. Avocado can be a perfect flavour for a shake, an exciting addition to a loose night appearing in form of sauce near the nachos. It is unique and surprising, when filled in a chocolate cake, and shows a completely different face as exotic oil.

Hustling in the kitchen of business life we know and love this variety. We believe that besides some basic rules and proven recipes a lot of creativity and imagination is required to become successful. We are not afraid to try unusual solutions, when we are convinced that the result will be tasty and our guests will enjoy it.

It’s us and the avocado.

It’s us, the AVOCADO.